Mayong’s History

Mayong is today a place of tourist attraction because of its history. During the period of 8th to 18th centaury in India, Mayong is said to remain the Indian capital of Black magic and Witchcraft. Some people say that the name Mayong comes from the word Maya since it is considered as the land of illusion.

Since there has not been any recorded history of Mayong till the Genealogy maintain by the Mayong’s king family named “Goide”. So, it is difficult to trace the past history before the 1st King “Xunyta Singha” ascended in the throne of greater Mayong territory.

In ancient time, Assam was known as Pragjyotish which literally means the seat for the eastern astrology. From that time Mayong was popular for the Black Magic.

Arimatta, a powerful king ruled in lower Assam and his son Jangal Balahu shifted his capital to Raha which is now in Nagaon District. This Kachari King Jangal Balahu was defeated by his father-in-law Gajaraj and killed with a bamboo spear near Kajalimukh which is in west of Mayong.

In Ahom dynasty, to defeat the Mugal, Swargodeu Pratap Singha established 3 Chaki (Camps) in middle Assam. They are in Raha, Jagi and Kajoli. Recently a large amount of stone bullets use for cannon was discovered in Kajolimukh which proves that Kajalimukh was directly involved in the fight of Ahom and Mugal.

In Quit India Movement in 1942, a group of revolutionaries in Mayong and Nagaon district chalk out a master plan to derail a British Military train in Panikhaiti, located in modern Kamrup district of Assam and succeeded in the job. The accident took place in 24-11-1942 and Late Mahadananda Dev Goswami was directly involved in this plan with few other members of Mitru Bahini (A group of member involved in Indian Freedom Fight).   Later Dr. Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya wrote a novel named “MRITYUNJOY” about the whole incident and became the 1st recipient of Jnanpith Award in the year 1979.

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